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Our online application will assist you to submit an application for a visa type through Quantum Immigration Australia. Before you start your application, check and answer the questions as indicated in the appropriate form.

STEP 1 :  Complete the relevant form below:

1. Partner and Family visa 309/100/820/801

2. General Skilled Migration Visa for skilled professionals 189/190/489

3. Temporary Graduate Visa Subclass 485 

4. Tourist visa for holiday makers and visitors

5. Student Visa 500

6. Refer a Client Form 

Step 2: Send comprehensive resume’ for skilled migration visa applicants to After we have reviewed your application forms, we will contact you to offer our service or invite you for a consultation with our migration consultant.

Migration Service

To be able to enter and remain in Australia lawfully,  all non-citizens must apply for a specific type of visa. Please choose the visa which you wish to apply through Quantum Immigration Australia.

Quantum Immigration Australia offers professional services relating to Australian visa matters including skilled migration, partner and family matters.The  three principles  that serve as our guide :

  • First, professionalism on all levels.
  • Second, commitment to meet expectations.
  • Third is the personal integrity to handle your important visa  matter.


We have the skills,knowledge and experience to process your Australian visa such as tourist visa subclass 600, dependent visa subclass 445, child visa subclass 101, skilled migration ( skilled independent, state nominated skilled visa subclasses 189 and 190), family sponsored skilled visa (regional sponsored subclass 489), partner visas subclasses 390/100, 820/801 ( marriage and de facto partnerships).

Fees: the charges for managing your visa matter depends on the complexity , the amount or level of work required and the number of visa applicants. Rest assured, the charges we make are within the industry recommended fees.


This service is tailored for some of the applicants who may not need a full professional vis management but would need to be assured that they have submitted documents to meet legislative requirements. In short, these clients want to know if they need more documents or are they submitting enough documents.

What we will do :

  • Review the documents to be submitted or has been submitted
  • Review the legislative requirements for the visa being applied or have applied.
  • Make a recommendation whether to include more documents or not.

Fees: the fee is on a per hour basis. Usually from A$300.

VISA CONSULTATIONS by appointment only

This service is for clients who want to consult our registered migration specialist about a particular visa matter face to face , by phone or through online modes of communication. The important feature of this service is the client can ask specific questions relevant to their visa matter.

Fees: we charge $ 150 per 45 minutes.

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Occupational List

Engineering and Building

  • with minimum 2 years years experience
  • registered with Engineers Australia
  • minimum competent English ability

Nominated Occupations

233211 Civil Engineer
312211 Civil Engineering Draftsperson
233311 Electrical Engineer
312311 Electrical Engineering Draftsperson
233512 Mechanical Engineer
312511 Mechanical Engineering Draftsperson
233611 Mining Engineer (excluding Petroleum)
133513 Production Manager (Mining)
233513 Production or Plant Engineer

Information and Communications

  • minimum 3-5 years relevant experience
  • minimum competent English ability
  • registered with relevant authority

Nominated Occupations

135112 ICT Project Manager
261111 ICT Business Analyst
261112 Systems Analyst
261311 Analyst Programmer
261312 Developer Programmer
261313 Software Engineer
261314 Software Tester
261399 Software and Applications Programmers nec
262111 Database Administrator
262112 ICT Security Specialist
263111 Computer Network and Systems Engineer


  • minimum 1- 2 years experience of relevant experience
  • minimum proficient English ability
  • registered with AHPRA

Nominated Occupations

254111 Midwife
254411 Nurse Practitioner
254412 Registered Nurse (Aged Care)
254413 Registered Nurse (Child and Family Health)
254414 Registered Nurse (Community Health) .
254415 Registered Nurse (Critical Care and Emergency)
254416 Registered Nurse (Developmental Disability)
254417 Registered Nurse (Disability and Rehabilitation)
254418 Registered Nurse (Medical)
254421 Registered Nurse (Medical Practice)
254422 Registered Nurse (Mental Health)
254423 Registered Nurse (Perioperative)
254424 Registered Nurse
254499 Registered Nurses nec
252411 Occupational Therapist – nil experience required for skills assessment purposes


  • must have superior English language ability
  • must be registered with relevant authority
  • minimum 3 years experience or more

Nominated Occupations

241111 Early Childhood (Pre-primary School) Teacher
241213 Primary School Teacher
241411 Secondary School Teacher

Must specialise in at least one of the following fields:

Mathematics or Physics
Technology (Food, Metal, Wood or Auto)
General science
Special education
Information technology

Construction Trades

  • minimum 3 years of relevant experience
  • minimum competent English ability
  • skills assessed as positive with a relevant authority

Nominated Occupations

334112 Airconditioning and Mechanical Services Plumber
322311 Metal Fabricator
322313 Welder (First Class)
323214 Metal Machinist (First Class)
342111 Airconditioning and Refrigeration Mechanic with Five years experience
342211 Electrical Linesworker with Five years years experience
342313 Electronic Equipment Trades Worker with Five years experience
342413 Telecommunications Linesworker with Five years experience
342414 Telecommunications Technician with Five years experience

Hospitality Trades

  • minimum 3-5 years of relevant experience or more
  • minimum competent English ability
  • skills assessed as positive with a relevant authority

351111 Baker with Five years experience
351411 Cook with Five years experience
351112 Pastrycook with Five years experience